Feel Free: Essays

15th March 2018

Feel Free - Zadie Smith

Is there anything Zadie Smith can’t do? Following her last novel (‘Swing Time’ – nominated for the Man Booker Prize, no less) ‘Feel Free’ is a collection of essays, ranging from the intimately personal to the critically topical. She opens with a nostalgic reminiscence of her favourite bookshops and libraries, while only two essays later is despairing over the implications of Brexit. Smith looks in at herself and out on the world, writing with both clarity and nuance across each of her essays. She writes with cool appraisal that is at once perceptive and intelligent whilst remaining deeply personal. As much about the world at large as it is autobiographical memoir, Zadie Smith’s lyrical prose guides you gently through. Very readable and never dry, ‘Feel Free’ will have you chomping at the bit to return to her back catalogue. As funny as it is moving, this book will trick you into learning something about the world, or perhaps yourself, or a clever combination of both. With Zadie Smith, it’s an enjoyment and an enlightenment.

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