2nd November 2016

Holding - Graham Norton


Graham Norton is better-known as a sharp-witted comedian on British TV than a storyteller. Now he brings his clever observations and believable characters to life with his new novel, 'Holding'.
The quiet village of Duneen is buried in the countryside of Ireland that's the way it's occupants like it.
Still an outsider after more than fifteen years as the village’s sole 'garda', Sergeant PJ Collins has never fit in. He was content with his peaceful albeit lonely life where each day was the same as the previous and there was never a case to solve.
Excitement and drama arrive in Duneen when human bones are found buried on a local farm, and it is revealed to be murder!
Now PJ must ask questions about a local scandal from more than twenty years ago in order to solve the murder and impress the detectives from Cork. Truths will be revealed by villagers who were either embroiled in the events of the past or witness to what went on. Will PJ's questioning solve the crime? Clues come from both good detective work and guilty consciences.
Wonderfully humorous, yet heartbreakingly poignant this novel is a great read with a truly memorable protagonist in PJ.

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