Hotel Du Barry

29 June 2016

Hotel Du Barry was such a delightful read – humorous, entertaining and engaging; it has a perfect mix of sauntering around in high society, quirky characters and gallivanting through the underworld of an elite hotel. The characters make the story one of a kind, each are excellently developed and draw you in to their unorthodox everyday life. Some of my personal favourite characters include Mary Maguire whose sassiness is fun and sexy, but she is not to be trifled with; Sean Kelly, a gigolo whose escapades get him into trouble more often than not; and Jim, the ever watchful, trustworthy detective for the Du Barry Empire.
I would recommend this read for anyone who wants a relaxed read or something to laugh about; it’s a good book to take away on a holiday, or for a cold rainy weekend with a cup of tea.

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