The Five Love Languages

30 June 2016

Generally speaking I am not a huge fan of self-improvement books.  Certainly, over the years, I have read standards such as ‘Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff’; ‘Who Moved My Cheese?’ etc., but have struggled to find anything truly revelatory in their pages.  So, when I embarked upon Gary Chapman’s, ‘The 5 Love Languages’, it was with a good dose of cynicism I assure you.  To be honest, I have always thought this book seemed a bit naff.  And, having polished it off over a few days, there is definitely a whiff of the naff about it.  However, having pushed through some of the more cheesy anecdotes, found the premise of the book surprisingly enlightening.  This is by no means a ‘mushy’ self-help book.  If you are at all interested in developing better communication skills, and/or improving your relationships with partners, family, friends etc., then this book is certainly worth a read.  I won’t go so far as to claim it will dramatically change your life, but I will say that I think there’s a little something in it for everyone and let’s face it – the world needs all the happy love vibes it can get right now!

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