The Golden Child

3rd March 2017

The Golden Child – Wendy James

Australian author Wendy James’ latest novel is not only a page-turning read, but a very relevant and contemporary observation of today’s teenage girls.
Mummy-blogger Beth and her family return to Australia after years of living overseas, her beautiful and clever daughters are enrolled in the local girls’ Catholic school, and the family begin to settle in and put down roots.  Constantly putting a positive spin on day to day life for the benefit of her blog followers, just how aware of her daughters’ lives, friends and behaviours is she?
Beth’s daughters are teenagers now, and with lives they don’t share with their mother.  When allegations of serious bullying arise, there questions to be answered, “Is my child the bully or the bullied?”, and “How well do I know my children?”
The novel is told from the viewpoints of two mothers and two teenaged daughters, and also through blogs, demonstrating how easy it is to portray a life very different to reality.
Perfect for book groups, a great read for parents, this fast-paced read will keep you on edge to the last page.


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