The Place on Dalhousie

March 2019

Place on Dalhousie – Melina Marchetta
With every new book Melina Marchetta writes, she is more and more firmly entrenched as my all-time favourite writer. Her prose is stunning in its simplicity, her characterisation exquisite, and her storytelling genius. This new book is no exception, I loved it just as much as I expected! 

The house on Dalhousie was built by Seb for his family before he died – for his daughter Rosie, and then for his second wife Martha. Both women believe the house belongs to them by right and refuse to budge. Jimmy come from a long line of screw-ups and doesn’t know how to break free from that legacy. Between the three of them they have enough sadness, anger, and feelings of abandonment to last a lifetime. As their lives tangle together chances for healing and redemption are found and taken.

‘Place on Dalhousie’ marks the third book featuring the same group of friends. Each book focuses on a different character, following them through times of change and turbulence. Adjusting to a new school, coping with grief and depression, coping with new parenthood, and learning to find joy again when everything feels dark and overwhelming. I feel a particular affinity to this group of friends – having read each book at around the same age as the protagonists, I feel I have grown up alongside them. This book especially felt close to home for me, as our group of friends encounter similar milestones and challenges to my own in the last year.
Melina’s writing is always superb, and she definitely doesn’t disappoint here. As always, the connections of family and old friends shine out of the page. The histories that exist between people and the nuances therein are a joy to read. ‘Place on Dalhousie’ is an absolute delight, and I cannot recommend it highly enough!

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