The River House

4th August 2016

The River House by Janita Cunnington

Set on the banks of the Broody River, this book recalls many a lazy summer spent with sand between your toes and salt in your hair. Cunnington’s clever writing is beautifully evocative of Australian childhoods everywhere, so much so that the imagery and the characters jump off the page in brilliant colour, recognisable as some of our relatives, some of our favourite memories of childhood nostalgia and each character is compelling and well-drawn.
It follows Laurie Carlyle as she grows up in Queensland through the forties, and her family’s troubles and trials as they struggle to pull together after an accident with her youngest sister, Miranda and scandalous revelations about Laurie’s brother Tony. It continues to follow Laurie until the floods in Queensland in 2010, her story weaving and winding like the bends of the Broody River. This is a book about family, about love, betrayal and all the other things that colour a rich life.
For readers who enjoy a well-paced novel with great characters and a page turning plot, The River House is a fantastic read.

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