Ceridwen Dovey In Store - Crows Nest

29-Jan-2020 • 6.15pm

Ceridwen Dovey - Inner Worlds Outer Spaces

In store, Crows Nest - Bookings essential, standing room only.

Award-winning novelist and essayist Ceridwen Dovey turns her ever curious gaze towards the world of work in her forthcoming collection of profiles, Inner Worlds Outer Spaces: The Working Lives of Others. Ceridwen shines a light on an inspiring group of people, almost all of them Australians, who are forging their own distinctive paths in their chosen vocations. By tracing the intimate trajectories of their lives and diverse careers, she invites readers to come with her on an exploration of fields of knowledge and expertise that are often inaccessible to outsiders.

Those profiled include the novelist Liane Moriarty, the Olympic swimming legend Ian Thorpe, and the world’s top solar cell scientists and shark-bite policy experts, as well as many people in more unorthodox careers, such as space archaeologists, a moon dust maven, a master perfumer, women’s rugby champions, a scholar of medieval suicide, and recent Antarctic Arts Fellows, among many others.