Writers at Stanton - Julienne Van Loon

14-Mar-2019 • 1pm

The Thinking Woman - Julienne Van Loon

One of the age-old questions of philosophy is what does it mean to live a good life. In this extraordinary new book, award-winning Australian  novelist Julienne van Loon turns her attention to the work of six  leading contemporary women thinkers.
By constantly linking the personal and the political and prompting  insightful questions about how we live today, van Loon invites us into a lively exchange of ideas with these extraordinary women whose deeply thoughtful work has much to offer all of us and may transform our own views of what it means to live a good life.
JULIENNE VAN LOON is the author of three critically acclaimed novels: Road Story, Beneath the Bloodwood Tree and Harmless. She lives in Melbourne, where she holds a Vice Chancellor’s Senior Research Fellowship with the writing and publishing program at RMIT University. Julienne’s honours include the Australian/ Vogel’s Award and an appointment as Honorary Fellow in Writing with the University of Iowa. The Thinking Woman is her first work of non-fiction.