Writers at Stanton - Mary Moody

29-Oct-2019 • 1pm

The Accidental Tour Guide - Mary Moody

In the tradition of Eat Pray Love and Salvation Creek, The Accidental Tour Guide is the powerful new memoir from a woman who has openly and honestly pushed the boundaries on all that life has to offer.

The Accidental Tour Guide is the latest instalment in Mary Moody’s inspirational journey to find her place in the world after the heartbreaking loss of her husband of 42 years to cancer. With her trademark determination, Mary carves out a new life for herself as a single older woman who inspires others to follow their dreams.

Mary Moody shot to fame as a presenter on ABC TV’s Gardening Australia. However, it was her frank and honest disclosure in two previous memoirs and on national television of an affair with a Frenchman, and then subsequent reconciliation with her husband, that caught the broader attention of the nation and endeared her to so many along the way.