Writers at Stanton - Meg Keneally with Tom Keneally

22-Mar-2019 • 1pm

The Ink Stain - Meg and Tom Keneally

Acclaimed author Tom Keneally had written 30,000 words of his new draft -- an historical crime novel about a gentleman convict going from penal station to penal station solving murders -- when he asked if his daughter, Meg would like to finish it. Fast forward a few years and this father-daughter duo are now on book four of their powerhouse Monsarrat Series, and it’s the most exhilirating instalment yet.  
In The Ink Stain, we meet Henry Hallward -- editor of The Sydney Chronicle and a thorn in the side of the colonial administration. He’s been imprisoned several times for criminal libel, and during one detention, he is shot dead. Our heroes, ticket-of-leave convict clerk Hugh Monsarrat and Mrs Mulrooney are sent to Sydney to investigate corruption that may go right to the top -- the office of the Governor of New South Wales.