Writers at Stanton - Patrice Newell

19-Jun-2019 • 1pm

Who's Minding the Farm - Patrice Newell

Agriculture is a $61 billion industry in Australia but one of the biggest culprits of environmental damage. As the effects of climate change become increasingly obvious, who’s watching what happens on our farms?
In 1987 Patrice Newell left her job to become an organic farmer in the Hunter Valley. At Elmswood, roughly four hours from Sydney, she grows garlic, makes olive oil and keeps bees. It’s from this vantage point she sees many unsustainable processes. Who’s Minding the Farm is a detailed look at all aspects of the farming industry, and a call to action for every citizen to take responsibility.

Dr. Patrice Newell (PhD) was born in Adelaide. After careers in modelling, journalism and television, she bought a farm in Gundy, New South Wales with her partner Phillip Adams, where she produces biodynamic olive oil, garlic, honey, soap and beef. Her books include Ten Thousand Acres: A Love Story, a heartfelt call for sustainable land use; The Olive Grove, her bestselling account of leaving the city for life on the land; and The River, a critically acclaimed examination of water-management issues facing rural communities.