Writers at Stanton - Sarah MacDonald and Cathy Wilcox

25-Feb-2020 • 1pm

So You're Having a Teenager - Sarah Macdonald and Cathy Wilcox

Sarah Macdonald and Cathy Wilcox are friends, next-door neighbours and fellow mums of teens who have lived through it all and produced this straight-talking, not entirely sarcastic, informative guide to what for many parents are the most challenging − but interesting and exciting − years in the role.
If you are worried about drugs, they recommend Valium, wine and HRT. On the bright side, you've reduced your need for Google − your adolescent is now able to frequently correct, hector and lecture you with their strong opinion on everything.
You are not imaging the tiredness. Teen years are like dog years: for every year your teen ages, you age seven.
From A is for Argumentative, Awkward and Angst, to Z is for Zits and Zzzzzs.
Because having a toddler is a doddle.